AlfredStay and AlfredBusiness mobile apps

Apps that provide digital services tailored for your guests and employees

minutes saved per staff onboarding
minutes saved per task

An ecosystem crafted for the contemporary experience in hospitality

The premier digital platform tailored to enhance guest contentment, maximize revenue, and reduce daily operational costs

Maximize Alfred's impact on your hotel's success


AI powered Virtual Concierge AI powered Virtual Concierge

Be ultra-responsive to guests, AI powered in-app chatbot


Digital upsells & cross-selling Digital upsells & cross-selling

Leverage Alfred platforms to offer additional or upgraded services, effectively generating extra revenue


Digital services Digital services

Digital services with extra touches, Digital check-in/check-out and more


Dedicated Employee App Dedicated Employee App

Boost employee communication while reducing operational expenses

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Advantages you get with Alfred

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Achieve unparalleled upselling success

Provide the appropriate service to each guest precisely when needed

Upon arrival, Alfred connects with guests, offering diverse, personalized upselling options that not only increase revenue but also enhance their stay. Guests can upgrade their room, order meals like lunch, book spa treatments, personalize their room for special occasions, and more, tailoring their stay to their unique needs and preferences.

The most advanced AI-powered tool for exceptional guest communication

Chatbot is proficient in over 60 languages

Stay organized and communicate seamlessly in one central location, both internally and with guests. Handle, monitor, and manage all incoming communications. Effortlessly track and access complete conversation histories to ensure nothing is overlooked, enabling you to consistently deliver the best possible service to guests.

Digital Check-in and Check-out

Prioritize your staff's focus on key tasks

On average, guest check-in takes about 8 minutes, often resulting in long queues and a stressful environment. AlfredStay online check-in eliminates waiting lines, allowing guests to begin their vacation immediately upon arrival. This not only enhances the guest experience but also saves staff from manual check-in procedures, enabling them to concentrate on providing an exceptional hospitality experience.

Utilizing big data to elevate the guest experience

Data driven decision making

As soon as guests check in, Alfred begins collecting data about them, building an understanding of their individual needs. This insight enables Alfred to improve the guest experience by offering customized services and communication. Simultaneously, Alfred proactively forecasts and addresses guests' needs before they arise.

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Elevate your hotel brand to new heights

Customized guest-app

Alfred is tailor-made to align with your brand identity, offering guests a premium experience through a guest app that seamlessly integrates with your branding elements. This includes customizing everything from logos to fonts, images, colors, and brand language, ensuring a cohesive and positive brand experience.